WVR8000 Waveform Rasterizer

Composite Analog to 4K/UHDTV1 Advanced Digital Video – All-in-One Platform

The WVR8200 and WVR8300 Waveform Rasterizers are ideal for multi-format environments, providing flexible options and field-installable upgrade kits to monitor diverse video types including Quad/Dual/Single link 3G/HD/SD SDI and Composite Analog Video. They support any combination of video and audio format options, so these instruments excel in multi-format environments and evolve with your needs to protect your investment.



Industry Leading Gamut Displays NEW Tektronix-patented Spearhead Display and LQV™ Display facilitate precise color adjustment for post production applications.
FlexVu® Display FlexVu lets you create a multi-view display tailored to your specific needs and work practices to increase productivity. Each tile can be configured to enable easy signal analysis such as multiple alarm and status screens, different safe area graticules and cursors on each tile and more.
ANC Data Inspector Automatically detect all ANC data types and display presence, absence and status. (Standard on WVR8300 and available as option on WVR8200.)
3D Measurement Allows Monitoring and Measurement of 3D signals Left Eye and Right Eye (Standard on WVR8300 and available as option on WVR8200)
Audio-Video Delay Measurement Help prevent Lip-Sync problems with fast, accurate and repeatable out of service AV delay measurements. (WVR8300)
Multiple Closed Caption & Teletext Displays Simultaneously monitor closed caption in multiple languages.
10,000 Event Error Log Review more material in less time during ingest and QC.
Option EYE and PHY Make it easier and faster to track down SDI signal path problems with automated physical layer measurements.
Video & Audio Session Screens & Status Displays Simplify monitoring tasks with these exclusive displays that provide critical content information at a glance.


Confront IP Video Transition Challenges with our Webinar.
0h 18m 45s

Confront IP Video Transition Challenges with our Webinar.

0h 18m 45s

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