WVR4000/5000 Waveform Rasterizer

Multi-format, multi-standard portable waveform rasterizers.

The WVR5000 and WVR4000 waveform raterizers offer uncompromised monitoring quality with sharp CRT-like traces, patented Gamut displays, Picture thumbnail, Display freeze and an Error log for 10,000 events for efficient content compliance verification.

These video rasterizers are ideal for a small edit suite or studio and provide an ideal solution for basic video and audio monitoring needs in a convenient 1RU half-rack form factor, suitable for space-constrained environments. Both models support options to accept power from a 12 VDC source. Both models come standard with support for 16 channels of Embedded Audio and 1 input for 2 channels of Digital AES audio.



Audio and Video Session Displays Provide at a glance notification of content errors for operations personnel.
Audio and Video Status Displays Enable more efficient diagnosis by providing the first point of reference to the source of the problem.
Patented Gamut displays Simplify maintaining compliance across formats and color spaces using the Tektronix exclusive Diamond, Split Diamond, and Arrowhead displays.
Exclusive Push Button Thumbnail Picture display Enables quick identification of source content and improved efficiency, no menu navigation required. Helps ensure you are monitoring the correct source.
Embedded or discreet audio monitoring inputs Enables both video and audio monitoring directly from a camera or other sources without the need for an additional piece of equipment.
TandemVu™ display Improve operational efficiency with the ability to independently position and zoom overlaid displays to create an application-centric user interface.



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