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What probes are supported on the RF input of the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series?

Question :

What probes are supported on the RF input of the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series?

Réponses :

The RF input on the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series has an N connector, so the RF input can support cables, antennas, and other adapters typically used with a spectrum analyzer.  The RF input is 50 ohms and it is AC coupled.  Below is a listing of some of Tektronix probes that can be used on the RF input and if an adapter is required.

1) With a N to BNC adapter you can use the following probes:

  • CT1
  • CT2
  • CT6
  • P6150
  • P6158

2) With a N to SMA adapter you can use the following probe:

  • P6150

3) With a TPA-N-VPI1 adapter, you can use the following VPI probes:

  • TAP1500
  • TAP2500
  • TAP3500
  • TDP0500
  • TDP1000
  • TDP1500
  • TDP3500

4) With a TPA-N-VPI1 adapter and a TPA-BNC2 you can also use the following Level II TekProbe™ probes:

  • P6205
  • P6243
  • P6245
  • P6246
  • P6247
  • P6248
  • P6249
  • P6251
  • TCP202

Also available from Tektronix for the MDO3000 and MDO4000 Series RF input:

1Note: The TPA-N-VPI Adapter accepts probes with BNC, Level I TekProbe™, and TekVPI™ outputs and allows you to use them on your MDO3000 or MDO4000 N-type RF input connector.

2 Note: Adding a TPA-BNC adapter to the TPA-N-VPI will allow use of  various Level II TekProbe™ probes.

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