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What documentation is available to more thoroughly describe VClips stream content?

Question :

What documentation is available to more thoroughly describe VClips stream content?

Réponses :

The User download sample documents on the Tek web site (VClips List of Clips) are condensed from the full manuals.  Many have omitted section 5 in the stream specific user manuals.   This was done to conserve space on the Tek Web server.  

In the actual software package that a user will receive, there are several documents. 

  • Two general purpose introduction documents
  • One document that provides a more detailed description of the stream content and test factors for that specific group of VClips
  •  The Decoder series VClips files also include MTS4EA Parse and Interpret files for each included clip
  •  Most Decoder VClips files also include an Excel spreadsheet that provides more extensive depth of test types and test coverage.

   If the additional depth of descriptive information is required/desired, please send a short request message to [email protected].  Please include the specific VClips series number that is of interest.

   A zip file of the pdf documents and the Excel file (if available) will normally be provided.  Parse and Interpret files will only be provided upon specific request.  (The P & I files are large, and will only be delivered via ftp.)

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