What accessories come with the THS3000 series Oscilloscope?


What accessories come with the THS3000 series Oscilloscope?


All models include: THP0301-Y/B/M/G 300 MHz 10X passive probes, lithium-ion battery with 7-hour battery life, carrying handle, hanging strap, USB-A to mini USB-B cable for PC communication, Installation/Safety manual, documentation CD 1, AC power adapter with power cord, ACHHS soft-sided carry case (standard with non-TK, optional for - TK models), OpenChoice® desktop PC communication software, calibration certificate documenting traceability to national metrology institute(s) and ISO9001 quality system registration, three-year warranty.

TK models also include: hard-sided travel case (instead of soft case), soft-sided probe case, 2 probe replacement accessory kits.

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Product Series: THS3000 Handheld Oscilloscope

Product: THS3014, THS3024, THS3014-TK, THS3024-TK

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