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Simplicity done well is an elegant solution to a complex problem. Helping our customers reduce complexity, by making systems and processes intuitive, efficient and elegant is a priority here at Tektronix.

We make expert-level instruments for expert-level users. Simplicity isn’t about dumbing down products, it’s about finding ways to eliminate unnecessary – and time-consuming – complexity in every way possible for our customers. To do this well requires knowing how work is done by watching and listening to engineers –for example figuring out how to compress a complex sequence of intermediate steps into a single touchscreen tap for a sophisticated measurement, like what we’ve done on the breakthrough touch-enabled 5 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscopes. Touchscreens have been around for a while on instruments – but nothing like this. It’s totally different. Way better. Not even close. You gotta see it and use it.


The 5 Series MSO delivers a touchscreen and intuitive user interface

This kind of passion for elegant Simplicity is not new at Tektronix. We’ve been focusing on simplicity well before the advent of touchscreens. Consider the Wave Inspector function we’ve had on our oscilloscopes for over 15 years. An innovation we invented, the Wave Inspector has saved countless engineering hours as users zoomed through millions of waveforms by simply turning a dial.


Zooming through millions of waveforms became far simpler when Tektronix introduced the Wave Inspector.

Our products and our expertise are focused on enabling innovation. That is our passion. Measurement and the insight it provides is an incredibly valuable process for our customers – from initial test set-up through to performing in-depth analysis and sharing test results with other people. We are enabling our customers to be experts in their use of measurement insights to bring breakthrough innovations to their markets.

Bringing simplicity to measurement systems is growing in importance. Our customer’s products are becoming faster, more complex and far more challenging. Engineers are being asked to wear multiple hats and go faster without a lot of room for re-work and waste.

Identifying with the needs and challenges of our users has always been part of our DNA. So, while we’re improving our instruments we have been focusing more of our attention on how customers use our products to get work done. More and more it’s about the experience – and the data – and how to make better decisions. Data at a fingertip whenever possible. Data that can help teams, not just one engineer at a time.

Our DMM6500, DAQ6510 and KickStart 2.0 software are brand new products where simplification is front and center. Literally. The DMM6500 is the only 6½-digit DMM with a touchscreen interface that works the way you expect – for easier and faster test setup and at-a-glance monitoring of measurements.


The DMM6500’s touchscreen and “pinch and zoom” interface deliver on the promise of simplicity.

What’s more, behind the intuitive user interface lies incredible value and capability. A DMM is a common measurement instrument for engineers everywhere – literally used millions of times a day.

Our new product makes all the other 6½-digit DMM products look obsolete. Why use the old stuff? This is way better and it will help you get more work done in less time.

Simplicity matters because it makes a difference every day for engineers doing breakthrough innovations. That’s who we work for.

#Revolutioneering the world around us.