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The progress of humankind is marked by waves of innovation, periods in which bursts of disruptive inventions trigger rapid growth.

Experts predict the 6th Wave will be defined by connectedness, speed and resource efficiency.

Here are 6 areas where we see significant advances in technology and where we are working to enable test and measurement of these new technologies to bring them to realization.

What is the 6th Wave of Innovation?

Evolution of IoT and 5G

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to change the world by connecting devices in larger, more interoperable systems controlled by software and analytics. As adoption of IoT and 5G grows, so too do the challenges of inter-operability and interference. Click here for more on IoT standards and protocols. Many IoT devices are battery operated which makes a long battery life an important design requirement, especially for devices that are used in the field or in hard to install places. Find out more on maximizing battery life on IoT devices.


Revolutionary 3D sensing

3D sensing is a depth sensing technology that augments camera capabilities for facial and object recognition in augmented reality, gaming, autonomous driving and a wide range of applications.

Find out how diode-based devices such as laser diodes, high brightness LEDs (HBLED), and photodiodes (PD) are key optical devices that enable 3D sensing.


Get your guide to building IoT ready devices.

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Get your guide to building IoT ready devices.

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Powering up for the future

The demand for more efficient power conversion solutions is not only driving rapid improvements in the efficiency of traditional silicon design, but also adoption of WBG semiconductors, such as SiC and Gan. These new conductors are beginning to take share from traditional silicon especially in demanding applications such as automotive and RF Communications because they can operate at higher frequencies, voltages, and temperatures with lower power loss.

Find out more on the latest developments in power semi-conductor device testing as well as power supply measurements and analysis, Energy STAR power measurements and standby power measurements.


Next Generation Data Center

Today’s data centers are undergoing the greatest rate of change and innovation in the history of enterprise computing. From cloud computing to big data to the Internet of Things, the building, management and optimization of the different parts of the data center; networking, servers and storage, are becoming more complex.

Find out more about measurement solutions to bring your existing data center and network infrastructure in line with new standards and technologies.


The IP Transition

Broadcast and production facilities are facing rapid changes with the push to transition from SDI to Internet Protocol or IP. This has triggered the development of several approaches with ever ongoing changes in standards. Engineers are challenged with bridging the gap and completing a smooth transition from SDI-based to IP-based network production workflows with minimal interruption in workflow. Find out more on: