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  • Fiche technique Numéro de référence Date de publication
    Analyseur de spectre
    Les analyseurs de spectre USB de la série RSA500A sont alimentés par batterie et bénéficient d’une conception robuste afin d’offrir une solution d’analyse de spectre très performante et portable....
  • Manual Manual Type Part Number Release Date

    Provides in-depth information on how to use the SignalVu-PC Vector Signal Analysis Software. This PDF version of the Help contains the most complete descriptions of how to use the base software and all of its optional applications.

    Online Help 077072014
    RSA500A and RSA600A Series

    This document provides instructions for declassifying and securing RSA500A Series and RSA600A Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer.

    Declassification 077120201

    This document provides detailed information about the programming commands that can be used to remotely control the SignalVu-PC Vector Signal Analysis Software and connected instruments.

    Programmer 077072114
    RSA500A and RSA600A Series

    This document lists product specifications and performance verification procedures for the RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA513A, RSA518A, RSA603A, and RSA607A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.

    Performance Verification 077120102

    This document describes how to assemble and install the RSA5600RACK for the RSA500A Series and RSA600A Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.

    Field Install Instructions 071346801
    RSA500A Series

    These instructions contain basic installation and operation, safety, and compliance information for the Tektronix RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA513A, and RSA518A USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.

    User 071345203
    RSA Map

    This help provides in-depth information on how to use the RSA Map mapping software. This PDF version of the application Help contains the most complete descriptions of how to use this mapping software used by the RSA306B, RSA500 Series, RSA600 Series, RSA5100B Series, RSA6000 Series, and SPECMONB Series Real Time Spectrum Analyzers.

    Online Help 077075802
    RSA306, RSA306B, and RSA500A/600A

    This document contains the API function calls to interface with the RSA306, RSA306B, RSA500A Series, and RSA600A Series Spectrum Analyzers through Microsoft Windows.

    Programmer 077103104
    RSA300, RSA500, RSA600 Series

    With this guide, you will explore what you can do with the RSA306, RSA306B, RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA603A,and RSA607A USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers. Applications range from simple frequency / amplitude measurements of RF signals to real-time and modulation analysis that provide you with a complete system view of your device under test.

    Training/Tutorials 071333002
    RTSA V3 Demo Board

    This Quick Start Card provides basic information about the RTSA V3 demonstration board such as connections, available signals, and controls.

    User 071332901
  • Document Type de document Date de publication
    Advanced Radar Analysis: Tools for Measuring Modern Radar Application Note
    With today’s rapid advances in radar technology, developing and manufacturing highly specialized and innovative electronic products to detect radar signals takes leading-edge technology and tools. Tektronix innovative test equipment reduces testinguncertainty during the design process and delivers confidence in the integrity of increasingly complex designs. Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Real-time Spectrum Analyzers and High-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes offer the capabilities you need to manage the requirements of modern radar applications.
    Application Note 06 Nov 2019
    Emission Control, Radiation Hazards, and the Value of Intelligent RF Sensing for These Applications
    In this whitepaper, we will discuss electromagnetic radiation, EMCON and the three forms of RADHAZ. We’ll conclude with a discussion of how incorporating a USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, such as Tektronix’ RSA500 series, can assist in identifying EMCON violations and mitigating RADHAZ risks.
    Primer 06 Nov 2019
    Power Supply Converter Design Procedures
    This poster offers insight into power supply converter design procedures.
    Poster 22 Aug 2019
    Low-cost EMI Pre-compliance Testing Using a Spectrum Analyzer
    Learn about pre-compliance testing for the wireless standards and if you need it.
    Application Note 31 Jul 2019
    DPX Acquisition Technology for Spectrum Analyzers Fundamentals
    This primer describes the DPX® spectrum display and how it addresses situations involving brief, intermittent, complex and/or coincident signals.
    Primer 31 Jul 2019
    Programmatic Control on Tektronix USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzers
    This application note will explain the programmatic interfaces and environments available for Tektronix RSA USB spectrum analyzers and provide recommendations and examples for your applications.
    Application Note 31 Jul 2019
    Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
    Learn how real-time spectrum analyzers can find and solve RF problems faster.
    Primer 31 Jul 2019
    Detecting Drones Using a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
    Flying drones can be fun. For RC and photography enthusiasts, a drone is a source of entertainment, and with a camera attached, provides breathtaking birds-eye views. For commercial and first responder purposes, a drone can be a valuable asset for information and increase productivity. However, when a drone is operating where it shouldn’t, the potential ramifications can be catastrophic and costly. For these situations, organizations need real-time, accurate, simple to operate and cost-effective solutions for detecting drones flying in or near restricted airspace. In this application note, we’ll discuss the basics for detecting a drone with a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and how networking multiple Spectrum Analyzers together can create an automated drone detection system with 24/7 monitoring capabilities. 
    Application Note 07 Jun 2019
    Solutions for Aerospace and Defense
    For over 70 years Tektronix has offered a range of electronic test and measurement solutions designed to address the unique needs of military and government applications. Learn more about our range of solutions in this brochure.
    Brochure 03 May 2019
    eGuide to RF Signals
    Navigate the RF spectrum with example waveforms and band overviews.
    How-to Guide 05 Dec 2018

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