Mesure de gigue et analyse de synchronisation

Comme les normes de données série actuelles exigent des tests exhaustifs de conformité de gigue, il est obligatoire de bien comprendre la gigue de synchronisation pour concevoir des systèmes de communications haute vitesse.  La gamme complète d’instruments de test Tektronix vous permet d’atteindre rapidement vos objectifs de conception et de conformité.

  • Analyse de signal TekScope Anywhere TM  : les utilisateurs peuvent désormais effectuer les analyses de synchronisation, de l’œil et de gigue hors du laboratoire et en partager les résultats avec les autres membres de leur équipe dans un environnement en réseau.


Understanding and Characterizing Timing Jitter Primer

Timing jitter is the unwelcome companion of all electrical systems that use voltage transitions to represent timing information. This paper focuses primarily on jitter in electrical systems.

Six Sigma’ Mask Testing with a BERTScope® Bit Error Rate Tester

Using Six Sigma for citical insight.

Evaluating Stress Components using BER-Based Jitter Measurements

Self-verified jitter measurements using a BER-based Jitter Peak measurement.

Paper presented 8/9/05 at the T11.2 FC-MSQS Ad Hoc Meeting: Impact of Noise on BER Estimation
Dual-Dirac+ Scope Histograms and BERTScan Measurements

Introduction to Dual-Dirac.

Clock Recovery’s Impact on Test and Measurement

This application note discusses the outside influences that can disturb the relationship between data and how it is clocked.

Choose the Right Platform for Your Jitter Measurements

This document will explain some essential jitter terms, and then go on to discuss jitter measurements and the tools best suited for evaluating and quantifying jitter, when working with serial data communication architectures.

Clock Recovery Primer, Part 1

Look at clock recovery from a practical point of view, Part 1.

Clock Recovery Primer, Part 2

Look at clock recovery from a practical point of view, Part 2.

BERTScope® Bit Error Rate Testers Jitter Map “Under the Hood”

A New Methodology for Jitter Separation

Enjoy the flexibility to perform analysis tasks including timing, eye and jitter…

Jitter Fundamentals

View this recorded webinar to get a solid overview of jitter components as well as jitter characterization and visualization. Learn how to control Jitter during system design and improve timing margins for today’s high-speed systems.

Enabling PAM4 for Emerging Requirements in Data Communications
Advanced Jitter and Noise Analysis new webinar that covers advances in the popular DPOJET timing & jitter analysis toolset
How to Address Your Toughest Serial Bus Design Challenges with EDA and Measurement Correlation

This Tektronix webinar will teach engineers how to use modeling tools to correlate simulations with high-speed physical layer measurements on Serial Bus Standards using the DPO/MSO70000 Series Oscilloscopes.

Choosing the Right Platform for Jitter Measurements

How to Choose the Right Platform for Jitter Measurements.


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