New Approach to Quick, Accurate, Affordable Floating Measurements

Engineers and technicians often need to make “floating” measurements where neither point of the measurement is at ground
(earth) potential. This measurement is often referred to as a differential measurement. “Signal common” may be elevated to
hundreds of volts from earth.In addition, many of these differential measurements require the rejection of high common-mode signals*1 in order to evaluate low-level differential signals. Unwanted ground currents can also add bothersome hum and ground loops. Too often, users
resort to the use of potentially dangerous measurement techniques to overcome these problems.
The TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes use innovative IsolatedChannel technology to deliver the world’s first 4-isolated-channel,
battery-operated oscilloscope to allow engineers and technicians to make multi-channel isolated measurements quickly,
accurately and affordably—all designed with your safety in mind.

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