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Multi-Layer Monitor


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Features & Benefits

  • Geographic and Network Schematic Hotspot Views Enable the Operator to Drill Down to Pinpoint Errors in a System
  • Remote Monitoring and Control via Industry-standard SNMP Provides Remote Access of All Units in a Monitoring Network from a Central Control Point via the Ethernet
  • At-a-Glance Status of Complex Digital Broadcast Networks for 24x7 Monitoring of Tektronix Monitoring devices
  • Java and SNMP for Platform and Operating System Independence
  • Control of WVR600 series, WFM700 series, MTM400, and RFM210
  • Flexible and Scaleable Ordering Configurations to Ensure a Cost-effective System for the Number of Monitoring Probes Required


  • Monitoring of TV Broadcast Transmission Networks
  • Monitoring of TV Contribution and Distribution Networks

Product Information

The MLM1000 Multi-Layer Monitor is an installable application that enables complete visibility of the error status of a transmission network, as measured by various monitoring instruments (WVR600 series, WFM700 series, MTM400, RFM210), from a standard Web browser or client application. The network manager is able to customize the user interface, building up geographical maps showing the location and status of the monitoring network as well as mimic diagrams of the transmission network. When a fault occurs, the corresponding monitoring point is highlighted in red, enabling the network manager to drill down to the individual monitor and determine the nature of the fault. The MLM1000 can be used to manage a mixed network of confidence and diagnostic monitors, displaying the appropriate level of information for each type of monitor.

The MLM1000 Multi-Layer Monitor allows remote access to Tektronix Video monitoring devices (WVR600 series, WFM700 series, MTM400, RFM210) deployed in the network; this provides the customer combined monitoring of Tektronix MPEG, RF, and baseband video products in an integrated solution.

The MLM1000 application requires only a standard Java-plug-in enabled HTML Web browser. It also utilizes industry-standard SNMP protocols, so it can work with Internet/Intranet links to various remote monitors using minimal network overhead; network security is available to prevent unauthorized access to the network. More than one instance of the MLM1000 can operate concurrently in a network, permitting (for example) a diagnostic engineer to use a dial-up link from a remote location without affecting the main central console display.

The MLM1000 is licensed on a per probe basis to ensure the system is scaleable according to the number of probes required, ensuring the system is cost effective for the number of monitoring probes required.

The MLM1000 provides an extremely powerful but easy-to-use comprehensive monitoring system that can quickly and easily be set-up or modified as required by operators and service providers.

The MLM1000 is essentially comprised of six applications, described below.

Hot Spot Application

This allows the overall structure of the monitoring system to be displayed through hotspots placed over a user-defined background. Each hotspot represents the status of a device or a lower level hot spot view. Pressing a button takes the user to the application representing the view it is linked to (i.e., another hot spot application or device application). In this way, hierarchical views of the system can be developed, and users can control and monitor multiple devices.


Admin/user Setup Application

The application enables access to the MLM1000 either as a user (who can monitor devices in the network) or as an administrator (who can set up, configure devices, add users, manage the MLM system). Only an Administrator can allocate a password to the user, and lock or unlock the maps.

Event Viewer Application

Monitors the activity of the MLM1000 and provides information, warning and error conditions log of events. These events include activities such as who logs into the network, how the system is configured and device changes and provides warning of alarm conditions produced by the various devices on the network. This event log can be saved as a *.CSV file for exporting to various spreadsheet programs for further data analysis

The MLM1000 provides some simple graphical tools to show distribution of errors for the device or occurrences of the various alarms over time.

Alarm view and Reporting Application

Alarms can be viewed either via an alarm occurrence graph or via an alarm distribution graph. The Alarm occurrence graph displays the time of occurrence for each of the alarms for the selected device, while the alarm distribution graph displays a pie chart of all the alarms for the selected device.

The diagram below shows the Alarm Distribution Graph:


The reporting application allows a user to generate a report for the selected device, save the report in PDF format, export and print the report.

Discovery of Devices

A set of IP address search ranges can be defined for the MLM1000. Over this range the software will automatically search for the various devices available on the network and will continually update the devices available. These devices can then be incorporated into the Hotspot views at a specific location appropriate for the device.

Launch Remote User Interface (RUI)

This application launches the java based software application of the device allowing remote control of a specific device and allows the user to investigate possible causes of problems in the system.


Minimum Host/Client Platform Specification

Processor - 1.5 GHz Intel Pentium Processor.

Operating System - Windows 2000 (with SP4) or XP (With SP1).

Disk Space - 100 MB free disk space.

Ethernet - 10/100-Base T; RJ45.

Installed Software - Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.5 minimum/Netscape 4.7; Plugin (from Sun Microsystems) version 1.4+.

RAM - 512 MB.

CD-ROM Drive - 8x.

Display - 1024x768 pixel video monitor with 65535 colors.

Audio card required for audio alerts.

Ordering Information


Multi-Layer Monitoring software. Installable application with license for monitoring up to eight monitoring probes.


MLM1000-32 - License for adding up to 32 monitoring probes to multi-layer monitoring software.

MLM1000-UL - License for adding unlimited monitoring probes to multi-layer monitoring software.

Field Upgrade Kits

MLM1000F32 - License for adding up to 32 monitoring probes to multi-layer monitoring software.

MLM1000FUL - License for adding unlimited monitoring probes to multi-layer monitoring software.