Power Analysis Solution Bundles
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Features & Benefits

  • Complete, cost-effective suite of probes, analysis software, and accessories needed for typical power measurement and analysis applications
  • Tailored to the Tektronix DPO4000 Series, MSO4000 Series, and DPO3000 Series oscilloscopes
  • Convenient hard-sided carrying case, to keep all of the accessories stored together and protected


  • Power Supply Design
  • Power Loss Measurement
  • Characterization of Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Measurement and Analysis of Ripple and Noise

Ever-increasing consumer demand for longer battery-life devices and for green solutions that consume less power, require power-supply designers to focus on the performance and efficiency of power supplies used in everyday electronics as well as sophisticated electronic and communication systems. In addition to characterizing and minimizing switching losses to improve efficiency, the supply’s power levels, output purity, and harmonic feedback into the power line must be characterized to comply with national and regional power quality standards. The DPO3PWRBND and DPO4PWRBND Power Analysis Solution Bundles combine the essential tools needed to perform typical power measurement and analysis tasks with the MSO/DPO4000 and DPO3000 Series oscilloscopes.

The Power Analysis Solution Bundles include the following products:

  • The oscilloscope Power Analysis application module (DPO3PWR or DPO4PWR) enabling quick and accurate analysis of power quality, switching loss, harmonics, and other power measurements;
  • The TDP0500 active differential probe for high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity on differential voltages to ±42 V;
  • The P5205 high-voltage differential active probe to measure differential voltages to 1300 V. A TPA-BNC adapter is also included to connect the P5205’s TekProbe® interface to the TekVPI™ probe interface of the MSO/DPO4000 and DPO3000 Series oscilloscopes;
  • The TCP0030 high-performance, easy-to-use, 30 Amp AC/DC current probe with exceptional low-current measurement capability and accuracy to current levels as low as 1 mA; and
  • The TEK-DPG deskew pulse generator and power measurement deskew fixture, to precisely deskew the time differences between instrument channels of current and voltage probes to make more accurate power measurements.

These suites of power analysis tools are packaged securely in a rugged, hard-sided carrying case, and are attractively priced at a substantial discount compared to purchasing the included items separately.


See individual product data sheets for detailed characteristics.

Physical Characteristics

Weight -

17 lb.

(7.71 kg)


Dimensions (L × W × H) -

19 in. × 15 in. × 9 in.

(49 cm × 38.5 cm × 23 cm)


Standard Warranty

The individual products included in the bundles are covered by their individual standard warranties.

Supported Tektronix Oscilloscopes

DPO3PWRBND: DPO3000 Series oscilloscopes with TekVPI probe interface

DPO4PWRBND: MSO4000 and DPO4000 Series oscilloscopes with TekVPI probe interface

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