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Whitepapers and Case Studies

NIST Traceable Calibration

In the U.S., the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the legally established national standards laboratory. Read about how most calibrations performed by Tektronix in the United States are traceable to NIST.

5 Useful Things to Know About Calibration Certificates

Properly calibrated instruments maximize ongoing operations for our customers as they provide essential information about the instrument’s performance and condition. Calibration certificates are provided as evidence of service for each instrument calibration. Read about what you need to know about calibration certificates to run an effective calibration program.

The Hidden Cost of Low-Cost Calibration

A decision to purchase a calibration service, based on price alone, may result in hidden costs and the potential for quality issues to affect your product or service. This overview provides tips on evaluating calibration service providers and their service offerings, and explains why the lowest cost calibration service provider may not be the lowest total cost to your business.

What is Your Calibration Interval?

Determining the right calibration interval for your test and measurement equipment depends on many factors with no “one size fits all” approach available. Learn what factors can influence your test equipment’s measurement accuracy and what to consider when determining your calibration interval.

Calibration Basics and Best Practices

Calibration is essential in minimizing the risk of product defects and recalls and enhancing a reputation for consistent quality. Download this whitepaper to learn everything you need to know to start a calibration program.


Why Choose Tektronix for Multi-brand Services?

  • Calibration services for equipment from 9,000-plus manufacturers—far more than just Tektronix!
  • Extensive global service network—more than 100 points of service.
  • Superior quality—181 ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation parameters.
  • 1,100-plus associates—highly skilled technicians and sales representatives.




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