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Tektronix Digital Multimeter Calibration Services

Tektronix provides the complete, fully-accredited Tektronix digital multimeter calibration services. Our flexible options for Tektronix digital multimeter calibration and repair services includes delivery as Factory Certified services and as part of a single-source agreement for all of a client's instrument inventory -- regardless of make and model.

Trust your Tektronix digital multimeters with the people who know it best!

As the circuits in embedded system designs become more sophisticated and demand tighter tolerances, you must measure different parameters with a high degree of accuracy to validate your design. Our comprehensive services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific requirements -- either onsite, depot or mobile delivery service.

We service all Tektronix models, including:

  • Tektronix DM157 Calibration
  • Tektronix DM520 Calibration
  • Tektronix DMM353 Calibration
  • and virtually any other Tektronix calibration, repair and certification need!

Why Choose Tektronix for Multi-brand Services?

  • Calibration services for equipment from 9,000-plus manufacturers—far more than just Tektronix!
  • Extensive global service network—more than 100 points of service.
  • Superior quality—181 ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation parameters.
  • 1,100-plus associates—highly skilled technicians and sales representatives.


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