Calibration Basics and Whitepapers

What is calibration and why is it important? Learn about the basics about running a calibration program, including calibration intervals and tips to improve your program. 

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Calibration is important for measurement accuracy and precision

Calibration Terms

Demystify the calibration process with this list of terms commonly used on calibration certificates, invoices and technical literature.

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Learn calibration terms for certificates and technical literature.

Why Calibrate Your Instrument?

Calibrating your instrument gives you confidence in measurement results. Not calibrating your instrument can lead to costly product quality and regulatory issues. Learn the costs and risks of not calibrating instruments and when you should calibrate.

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Calibration minimizes errors and costly regulatory issues.

Helpful Links

There are several professional organizations and regulatory bodies dedicated to defining standards in the test and measurement industry. Here are several global organizations that may be helpful in developing your calibration program.

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Helpful links for organizations and regulatory bodies for test and measurement.


Calibration Capabilities

We provide calibration for a wide variety of instruments and are experts in calibration for a diverse breadth of industries.


Calibration Service Levels

Our standard and accredited calibration service options are designed to meet your specific quality requirements.


Service Delivery Options

We offer local pickup and delivery, periodic onsite, and permanent onsite calibration.


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